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We work with both local and international telecommunication operators, regulators and manufacturers. Our esteemed company played a vital role in international mobile telecommunication. TETRA also achieved another milestone by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with best communications.


Wi-Fi is used by various electronic devices such as Smartphone, laptops, etc and it is a low powered wireless communication.
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The Bluetooth technology allows the user to connect different electronic devices to a system for the purpose of sharing data wirelessly.
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Infrared communicates using IR radiation. IR is a longer wavelength mainly used for security purpose for short-range communication.
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Mobile phone uses a single frequency band and they have a larger range of networks and a signal that comes from a satellite like GPS devices.
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The International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Originally established in 1865, as the International Telegraph Union, it is the oldest existing international organization. The headquarters of ITU is in Geneva, Switzerland and has 12 regional area offices around the World.

ITU emerged with an agreement between 20 European states, to make sure that the standardization of international telegraph networks between its signatory members.

ITU is an agency of the United Nations which plays an important role in international telecommunication management for nearly 150 years. However, ITU has faced much opposition from global development.

Recent Articles

The Wireless Advantage Of 5G

5G Network Technology Integrating the cutting-edge network technology with the latest advanced analysis, 5G or the Fifth-generation wireless is the latest reiteration of the wireless communication sector. The wireless network has grown over time – from Air-water boundary breaking to exceeding network speeds, we have seen it all. 5G wireless system will offer faster speeds [...]

Innovations To Break Air-Water Boundary

Air-water boundary breaking is a longstanding problem in transmitting the data between aircraft devices and underwater. In order to overcome this problem researchers have designed a new system using wireless communication.

The scientists have established a system for a submarine to plane communication without arriving at the surface of the water. Advancement of technologies helps to meet the underwater challenges and paves the way for air-water communication.

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