About Us

The TETRA Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was inaugurated in December 1994. TETRA MoU is a UK based industry association that promotes TETRA technology and could act on behalf of manufacturers, operators, parties, representing users and telecom agencies.

TETRA is an open standard initiated by the European Telecommunication Standard Institute. The needs of the TETRA standard define open interfaces to

  • Provide service and facilities
  • To develop infrastructure
  • To enable independent manufacturers
  • Meet the needs of the traditional user organization

What Do We Do?

We work with both local and international telecommunication operators, regulators and manufacturers.

Our esteemed company played a vital role in international mobile telecommunication. TETRA also achieved another milestone by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with best communications.

In order to create awareness about the emerging wireless communication technologies, various efforts have been taken by us at different times.

We especially focus on the commercial sector throughout the UK.

Our professionals deliver innovative and flexible solutions by using different wireless connectivity solutions to the customers.

Our Vision

We are one of the leading onsite wireless communication providers.

We are the number one company in offering quality of products, cost-effective customer service.

We are committed to offer the excellent service to the users with optimum facilities.

Our Mission

We provide a healthy environment and amazing service with our wireless communication.

Also, we treat our clients with innovative wireless solutions.

If you are interested in receiving the wireless communication service in a well-reputed company, then TETRA MoU is the company for you.

Wireless Communication

Wireless communication is the medium for transmission of data from one device to another device.

The data or information can be transmitted through the air without the use of any wire or by using electromagnetic waves like IR, RF, satellite etc.

The devices of wireless communication are satellite television, laptop, Smartphone, computers, Zigbee, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technology etc.  The wireless phone contains Wi-Fi technologies, 3G and 4G networks.

Broadcast Radio

Open radio communication is the first wireless communication technology that had a large user and it is still on purpose. Radio is used to share data and act as emergency aid and can communicate the digital information over radio frequency spectrum.

Microwave Communication

Microwave wireless communication is a type of communication which uses radio waves and the wavelengths are measured in centimeters. The data can be transferred using either satellite method or terrestrial method.

Mobile Communication

Mobile phone uses a single frequency band and they have a larger range of networks.

Some phones use a signal that comes from a satellite like GPS devices. The wireless mobile phones are cellular and cordless phones.


Wi-Fi is used by various electronic devices such as Smartphone, laptops, etc and it is a low powered wireless communication.

Our network permits you to connect to a router within a certain area. It should be protected with passwords for ensuring security as it will be accessed by others. The advantage of using Wi-Fi is wireless and portability.

Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth technology allows the user to connect different electronic devices to a system for the purpose of sharing data wirelessly.

Bluetooth is used from one device to another device and it is used mainly in the wireless communication network.

Infrared Communication

Infrared wireless communication communicates using IR radiation.

IR is a longer wavelength mainly used for security purpose, TV remote control and for short-range communication.

IR is a source of communication that lies between microwaves and visible light.

Satellite Communication

Satellite communication is a wireless communication technology that enables the user to connect anywhere on the earth. The satellite converts the signal received and sent back the antenna which is located on the earth. The two types of satellite communication are ground segment and space segment.

Advantages Of Wireless Communication

  • Information can be transmitted with the high speed
  • Cost effective for maintenance and installation
  • It is helpful for students, doctors, and others who are working in remote areas
  • The internet can be accessed from anywhere wirelessly.

Thus, these are all about wireless communication and its services. A person can meet the demand of enjoying the uninterrupted internet connection throughout the day with these services.